Lezzeno: the small nice town on the Como Lake adjacent to famous Bellagio


Lezzeno is the longest town by the Como Lake; it spreads out 7 kilometers along the riverside!

From this side of the lake you can admire the charming Villa Balbianello, which has been the set of many Hollywood shootings and also the wonderful isle of Comacina, seat of the historical battle of Barbarossa., which is a much appreciated tourist attraction as it has been used for sets in several Hollywood movies.

Due to the very short distance to the city of Bellagio, also called the pearl of the lake, Lezzeno is a very desired holiday location. Here you have the opportunity to stay among locals, and therefore maintain the ancient traditions and the original city aspect of fishermen and iron wire workers; and just keeping a little distance from the famous and touristic towns of the Lake.

Como Lake

Como LakeInhabited since prehistoric times, the Como Lake has always played an important part in the communication between the Nortern parts of Italy and the Padana Plain. After the Gallians, the Romans settled there and made it a strategic point by opening the road, which on the western side connected the “Larius” to the Rezia. Afterwards, with the Lombards domination, this road, which still carries the name “Regina”, was reopened by the Queen Teodolinda.

Due to the strategic importance of the lake, which allowed reaching the steps of Maloja and Spluga, this area has been subject to many invasion and dominations for centuries. After the Franks, around the year 1000, the Como city, which had become an independent city council, was still obliged to fight for its autonomy. Then it underwent the rule of Visconti and then Sforza. Sforza thought to enlarge the Adda riverbed in order to obtain a connection by water with the Milan Duchy. For this reason the Paderno waterway was the first to be opened. After this, it has been the time of foreign dominations first by the Spanish, then the Austrians, and for a short time period even the French.



In northern Italy a traditional dish will often be served with Polenta, a cooked flavor, which is having a delicious taste- especially if served with wild meat such as deer, roe deer, wild boar or wild birds, as well as snails and mushrooms. In the past polenta was often served with cheese, and from that the local dish “Polenta Uncia” from the Como Lake, has its origin. This substantial plate is made with Polenta, melted cheeses, butter and garlic.

A traditional rustic and unique dish from the Como Lake is called la cazzoèla. This essential dish is served as a stew prepared with meats, sausages and vegetables.

The Como Lake offers a variety of lake fish species. Salted and open-air dried Agoni can be served as “missoltini, which has a delicate taste if served au gratin with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. The delicious “Pesce persico” is typically served fried with white risotto and “Laverelli” will often be served smoked or in butter and salvia.

One of the originally sweets from the Como Lake is “Cutizza“; it is similar to the focaccia bread and can be covered with sugar and eggs. And another traditional dessert is “Paradel“, which is flavored and water fried as a pancake and served covered in sugar.

Surrounding area

iStock_000016543855SmallLezzeno is located on the Como Lake in a wonderful location, allowing you to easily reach the main tourist places in the province of Como, and the most beautiful villas and gardens located around the lake.

Not far from Lezzeno you can reach Bellagio connected through ferryboat to Varenna (located on the Lecco side) and to Menaggio (located in the branch turned to the Upper Lake). The ferryboats that connect these wonderful villages forming the so called “Larian triangle” allow you to cross the lake both, with or without a car.

Besides the visits to Villas and Gardens, the lake also allows you to go on mountain walks or enjoy the bike routes, which is also used by professional cyclists.

Furthermore, some water sports can be played: For this purpose, the Como Lake can boast having the best schools for water skiing and rowing, from which many of the world.